Shardul Phatak | Painting Artist

Welcome To Shardul Phatak Art Gallery !

Vision: Shardul Phatak has a simple vision
to incorporate rich and diverse traditions in his
paintings, reflect peace, humanity and cultural
harmony and bring a change in the world through
his significant paintings.

Shardul’s works depict images of the mind that are caught on the canvas, realism and abstract painting., With his constant endeavour to create flawless paintings, he redefines his work and brings in significance to his painting. One of his most popular paintings is ‘Yellow Ganesha on Orange Canvas that symbolizes the integrity of the divine power in the most subtle manner.

He has also conducted an exclusive experimentation with charcoal powder and colour powder as well as charcoal and acrylic paint. His area of experimentation has received far and wide appreciation.

Other paintings comprises of black and white theme paintings, paintings depicting the nature and the beauty of eco-friendly surroundings, to name a few. His Each and every painting holds peace and tranquillity and furnishes a composed effect in the eyes of the on-looker.

About the Artist:

Being well-known for striking portrayal of spirituality and simplicity through his paintings,Shardul has gained recognition for his unmatched talent and creativity that cover a wide realm of painting art forms.

With more than 5 years of experience,Shardul is an young, charismatic and promising Indian artist who has been dedicatedly pursuing painting & its associated art form with fervour and passion.

He is currently based in Thane. Educational Background:

Shardul is a graduate in Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from Mumbai University and MBA in Finance from Pune University. He believes that learning is a life-long and continuous process and thus imbibes new forms of painting time and again.

Area of Work:

As Shardul Phatak is a self trained painter who has developed a unique style of painting with a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional style. His special areas of interest are:
-Glass Painting
-Canvas Painting
-Oil Painting
- Acrylic Painting
-Pastel Painting
-Water Colour Painting
- Blotting Paper Painting
- Landscape Painting